A centerpiece of THOMAS PAINE IN VIOLENCE is the mysterious “Manchorus” of quick-lipped brown baritones who exist inside Paine’s mind and outside the booth in the control room. Our ManChorus features Andrew Mayer, Eddie Rodriguez, Christian Luu, and Creator Paul Pinto. Advertisements

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Sound Design

Filled with electronic sounds,  Sound Design is an integral part of THOMAS PAINE IN VIOLENCE. We met up with Sound Designer Philip White to discuss sound design in the show. 

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Governor’s Island

While THOMAS PAINE IN VIOLENCE will be playing at the HERE Mainstage, we are rehearsing at Governor’s Island. We have open rehearsals every Wednesday and Friday from 2-3pm at our House at Nolan Park 8A through the end of October. If you’re not able to make it out, check out some rehearsal photos in the meantime:

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Meet the Designers

The elements of Thomas Paine are intricate – from the electronic sound to the stark lighting. Meet the designers – Carolyn Mraz (set design), Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew (lighting design),  and Philip White (sound design) – who make it all happen.

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Thomas Paine in Violence is presented in association with the estimable ensemble thingNY. In addition to Resident Artist Paul Pinto, four performers in THOMAS PAINE are members of thingNY: Mélanie Genin (harp, voice), Andrew Livingston (cello, voice), Erin Rogers (piano, voice), and Jeffrey Young (violin, voice).

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